Any Questions?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

How Do I Get Started on my Hire4 Account?

Getting started is easy! Whether you are a user or want to sign up your business, Hire4 protects and guides you through the process of signing up – so that getting started is seamless.

What do account holders have to do to get their account on Hire4?

The verification process for each vendor is detailed and adequate. Not only do we want to hire individuals who offer trustworthy work. We want to allow individuals to choose
between experience, ratings and more!

What is Hire4’s promise?

Hire4 promises to always offer local businesses to each user that is true, fair and honest. In today’s society, hiring someone you trust isn’t easy. That’s why Hire4 does the job for you and pre-approves every business owner on the application. Don’t just hire local, hire trustworthy local people.

Who Uses Hire4?

All our vendors can be viewed on our Hire4 application! There you can find all the companies booking appointments on our app! Whether that is home services like cleaning, or babysitters and bartenders- Hire4 offers all your local vendors right to you.

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