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Jane Heart Handyman Services


Jane Heart Handyman provides a range of services including painting, carpentry and tile work, so each patient can find something that suits them.

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a professional

What type of handyman services do you offer?

At my practice, I offer lots of different types of handyman services – from plumbing, carpentry, painting, or electrical services,  It all depends on what each client needs and what they’ll benefit from. Because a lot of my clients lead busy lives, I want to ensure that the process is simple and easy – stress free! 

What is the main reason your clients come to you?

Most of my clients have certain goals in mind when it comes to their renovations. Often they want to resolve issues which are causing difficulties in their lives. Whether thats a painter, plumber, carpenter or any other handyman – Hire4 will provide you with the best in the city! 

The average price of a Handyman is C$125 per session

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The average rating for Hire4 Handymen is 4.93 based on 400 reviews.

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