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We are a resilient group of individuals looking to disrupt the market and provide people with a trustworthy lifestyle assistant.

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Scott / Partner

Company is coming over and your house is a mess. That’s where Scott found himself struggling to find a cleaner last minute, especially one that would truly clean it the way he wanted. With Hire4’s platform, the list of reputable companies/individuals offering cleaning services is endless! Finding a cleaner is easy with Hire4 – only the best options with Hire4. Hire
experienced locals today.

Rola / Partner

Being a mom isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to mothers who work full time, beyond their roles as mothers. Finding childcare isn’t easy. Finding the right babysitter, in a pinch, that has a good and reputable reputation is even more challenging on top of it all. That’s why Hire4 was created. Rola found that there was a gap in the market when trying to find a trustworthy babysitter. Today, Rola does not have to worry about her kids because Hire4 provides a list of individuals who are local and trustworthy.

Graham / Partner

Throw your next event with a bartender you trust. Graham himself was looking for a last-minute bartender for an event he wanted to throw for some coworkers. Finding someone last minute for the right price can be stressful. With Hire4, last-minute options are right at your fingertips!

Ali / Partner

Finding someone to watch your furry friends can be difficult, especially when it comes to long trips. Ali had some trouble when he was trying to find someone who would not only watch his dog but also have someone trustworthy to stay and house sit! Luckily thanks to Hire4, Ali had the option to look through a list of experienced and honest individuals who he didn’t have to

Our Mission

We want to simplify the way people connect and access services while also providing a safe and smart platform that is entrusted by both customers and vendors.

Why Hire4

It started out with a need to find trustworthy and affordable child care. The process of finding someone who is reliable and verified can be a tedious task and we wanted to eliminate the hard work of vetting.

Hire4, is a one-of-a-kind mobile application and online platform that helps users easily find and hire the right person for any job. Discover your ideal babysitter, tutor, handyman and more right within your community!

Users and Vendors can sign up free-of-charge and will go through a multiple layer verification process to ensure reliability, safety and trust.
Our unique interface allows users to access or list on-demand services, set and view rates, browse availability and leave reviews!

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